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Entrepreneurs Forum

Program Duration: Virtual, January 22, 2024 – February 12, 2024.

Applications open 3rd August - 4th September

Elevate your experience with Entrepreneurs Forum's GEN Accelerates' 4-week ignition program – a tailored, comprehensive preparatory program for founders and innovators. Perfect for revenue-generating founders and globally-ready startups.

What you'll learn:

  • Pitch readiness: Craft a winning pitch that will grab the attention of investors and partners.

  • Marketing/sales collateral editing: Polish your marketing materials to make a lasting impression.

  • Executive presence: Project confidence and professionalism in any situation.

  • Business development streamlining: Make the most of your time at the expo with efficient business development strategies. 

Founders will receive comprehensive support through pitch practice, workshops, and mentorship needs assessments:

  Duration: 15 January 2024 – 12 February 2024 

  • Founders will receive 1-on-1 feedback from GEN Accelerates staff or mentors to refine their pitch and pitch deck.

  • Onsite pitching opportunities at the expo will help founders activate interest and initiate sales pipelines.

  Duration: 15 January 2024 – 12 February 2024

  • Founders will attend workshops on pitching, marketing and sales collateral, executive presence, and sales pipelines.
  • Workshops will be 60-90 minutes long and will be led by expert trainers.

  • Virtual sessions will be recorded and made available for participants to revisit.

  Duration: 15 January 2024 – 12 February 2024

  • Founders will complete a survey to identify areas where they need mentorship
  • GEN Accelerates and Informa Markets will use this information to make purposeful mentor matches.

  • The needs assessment will be conducted during the four-week training program.

Program Duration: Virtual, January 22, 2024 – February 12, 2024.

Applications open till: 5th Sept

Guide the next generation of African energy leaders with GEN Accelerates' Mentorship Program. Subject matter experts receive specialized training for high-quality engagements with startups at and beyond the Expo, fostering enduring connections and long-term relationships

Ideal candidates: 

  • Subject matter or domain experts

  • Experience with corporate and/or government 

  • Experience in supporting startups or scaleups in the energy sector

  • Subject matter experts with geographic expertise (Africa and beyond)

  • Knowledge of investment readiness (fundraising)

The following activities are included in the mentorship program:

Duration: 15 January 2024 – 12 February 2024

Join our informative 60-90 minutes workshops and gain the skills and knowledge to effectively guide and support the next generation of African energy leaders. Each workshop, led by experienced mentors and feature tailored Q&A sessions to address your specific questions and concerns. 

What you'll learn:

  • Mentorship best practices

  • Documentation and transparency

  • Performance measurement

  • Ethics and accountability

Duration: 15 January 2024 – 5 February 2024

Our thorough mentorship assessment identifies your expertise in industry, sector, technical skills, and geographic reach. This valuable information ensures precise connections with founders, creating a mutually beneficial mentorship experience.

Benefits of our mentorship assessment:

  • Targeted matches: We'll carefully pair you with founders who can benefit from your specific skills and knowledge. 

  • Long-lasting relationships: Our approach fosters enduring connections that extend beyond the expo.

  • Measurable impact: We'll track the progress of your mentorship to ensure it's making a positive difference.